Playing Catchup

Well we’ve been living in this old farmhouse on this old homestead for almost six months now, so it’s probably about time we updated you with the goings-on in this place!

Spring arrived with the grape hyacinths


the daffodils and tulips


and the plum blossoms and apple blossoms.


With the arrival of spring, various critters also came along for the fun. There were blackflies, horseflies, mosquitos, june bugs, house flies, cluster flies, wireworms, earwigs, and the dreaded wasp or yellowjackets, several of which made it into our kitchen. Much comforting was required from the husband. I do not have lovely pictures of these.

Besides these awful critters that made me severely question God’s aesthetic sense, there were thankfully creatures that  reminded me of my romaticized notions of what it would be like to live in the country and at one with nature. There was the mother fox with her young pups playing by the barn, practicing their hunting skills with the newly planted potatos spuds. There were the adult deer with the young fawns foraging across the pasture in the early morning fog, iridescent blue dragonflies darting among the field of timothy grass as they swayed gently in the breeze, and gigantically fuzzy bumble bees flying from clover to clover, whose buzzing sounded as low as the husband’s voice.

There were lots of new experiences, new knowledge gained, adjustments made, bewilderment, and laughter. More to follow on the summer season, renovations, and whatever else we can think of.


2 thoughts on “Playing Catchup

  1. Kimberlar

    You need to make some of these prints into posters and frame them for the living room. The plum and apple blossoms pictures look fabulous! Would you be able to email me the original files?

    1. HornesPointHomestead Post author

      Thanks! I can definitely send you the files, but I find so many digital photographs that look good on the computer don’t turn out well in print. By the way love the username 🙂

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