Our New Woodstove!

Our woodstove project has been a long time in the making, and it was finally completed this past weekend just in time for the chilly weather that is now coming through.

These are some “before” pictures of the old coal fireplace insert. It has such lovely character and we hope to be able to use it for decorative purposes somewhere else in the house down the road. Notice the very old wallpaper which was revealed after I had peeled off the newst layer of wallpaper months ago.

And these are some “after” pictures. The bricks we used for the hearth came from the other chimney in the kitchen which we took down earlier in the spring. They were made locally in the early 1900’s, which gave it the historical and sentimental character we were looking for.


I didn’t put up the pictures of what happened in between the “before” and the “after”. The husband did an amazing job and made the end result look like it was a piece of cake to do, but just taking down the existing fireplace and the area around it was loads of work, not to mention the chimney work, putting up new dry wall, preparing the floor to lay bicks, then planning out and laying down the bricks in the beautiful herringbone pattern, then adding mortar, then cleaning and sealing. There’s still some finish work to be done such as trim, wallpapering and painting, but the real hard work is completed and we’re very thankful.

And here it is all fired up for the first time!

It takes a bit longer to heat up compared to other woodstoves without the cast iron outer layer, but once it does heat up, it gives a wonderfully cozy, comfortable and even radiant heat. As beautiful as the stove is, I feel like the herringbone brick hearth really steals the spotlight!


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