Lesson in Patience: Garlic Planting

When I was a little girl I used to despise garlic with a passion. I would sit at the dinner table and patiently pick out every single little piece of garlic, and if I missed one and bit into it, my blood would boil. It just tasted so digusting to me! Well now that I’m much older, I’ve started relishing foods that I hated as a child, including rice, fish, green onions and even ginger! We use garlic a lot in our cooking now and it’s such a versatile ingredient in that depending on how you cook the garlic and when you add it to the pot, it can give you a whole range of different flavours.

Well we decided that we wanted to grow our own garlic instead of having to buy them from the grocery stores, which are all imported from far away places. From what we have read on different websites, garlic is supposed to be quite easy to plant and grow, so why grocery stores need to import them from half way across the globe is beyond me. Anyways we ordered two varieties of garlic from Annapolis Seeds, the Spanish Roja and the Susan Delafield, and we’re going to have to wait 8-9 months just to get a taste of them…if they turn out!

This is the Spanish Roja. It’s a medium sized garlic with red streaks. It’s supposed to be strong and pungent, productive and reliable, with 6-8 cloves per bulb.

We carefully separated the cloves, making sure the basal plate wasn’t still attached to the cloves.

And this is the Susan Delafield. It’s a large sized garlic with fewer but big cloves. It’s also supposed to be more tolerant to wet soil, which is a good thing for us with our rainy Autumn and Spring and our clay soil.


Hopefully this patch of ground will provide us with lots of delicious garlic next summer! Anything worth having is worth waiting for, and we thank God for life and growth and yummy food!


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