A Merry Little Christmas

This will be our very first Christmas together as husband and wife, and it will be a quiet and simple fare as we revel in God’s love showered down on us through Jesus.

Add a tree from the homestead, old ornaments from generations past, some new ornaments and a star, and you get a lovely, rustic little first Christmas tree.

The husband scoped out a potential tree the week before. It’s a 10 metre tall balsom fir and since they don’t live too long after they reach a certain height, I didn’t feel bad about cutting it down. The rest of the tree will be turned into firewood. As we were traipsing through the woods to get our tree, I saw a bunch of perfectly sized and perfectly shaped evergreens all along the way and asked why we couldn’t just get one of those instead. The husband explained that they were called Cat Spruce and they’ll make your house smell like cat urine.

Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree

The first ornament we bought together.


An old hand painted ornament.

Hand Painted Ornament

A wooden bell the father in law made many years ago.

Wooden Bell

New ornaments and an old bell in the background.

New & Old Ornaments

Two birds.

Blue Jay Gold Partridge

The star.


Merry Christmas!!


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