A Medley of Things January

I think January is one of my favourite months. It arrives amidst the hustle, bustle, clamour and joys of the Christmas season, and passes by in hopeful stillness before the busy spring and summer months are upon us. It is a subtle and silent month, bursting with hope for the year to come, and that’s what makes it beautiful to me. Here are a few curios from around our homestead.

Our confused Christmas tree, thinking that it’s spring, has started growing cones.

Balsam Fir Cones

Stacking wood for next winter.

Stacking Wood

The first real snow we’ve had that’s stayed on the ground came on New Year’s Eve day, and ever since then, it’s been around -14C with the windchill.

More snow today!

Snow falling

It’s been fascinating to watch the ice growing over the river in the past few days.

Ice over the river

A clincker built boat from the 50s, upside down with saplings growing through the hull.

Clincker Built Boat




Knitting on cold, silent January days.


Hope you’re having a lovely January too!


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