First Major Storm of Winter 2012-2013

It didn’t stop snowing/ice pelleting from Saturday 0400 to Sunday around 1800. It was the first major storm we’ve had in these parts for two or three winters now, and I so wanted to take some pictures so I could share the scenes with you. With northeast winds gusting up to 80km/hr though, and with the whipping snow and ice, I decided to stay indoors during most of it. We got a total of about 45cm, but the strong winds created snow drifts so that I was wading in the snow up to the top of my knees under the apple tree, and suddely came out and was stepping on green grass, I enjoyed the neat contrast. The husband braved the fury of the elements however, and tried to keep the road to the outside world clear in the old tractor until the blizzard got inside the tractor somehow (he knows the correct lingo, I don’t) and it stopped working.

I did manage to take a picture of one of our apple trees, its branches hanging low, heavy with ice. When the wind blew, the entire apple tree was clincking and jingling like an oversized wind chime. It’s just how I imagined Narnia would look and sound like.

Icy Apple Tree

After the freezing rain started, this was the view from one of the windows…

Icy Window

I read in the news that a small number of people from the States and Canada died in this storm. I’m glad the casualty was not any higher, but even one is too many. I hope you and your loved ones fared through the storm and that your little ones enjoyed playing in the blizzard!


2 thoughts on “First Major Storm of Winter 2012-2013

  1. Farmlife Chick

    Haha! My kids said it was exactly how they would have imagined Narnia to look like too!! I posted a few pics tonight.:)

    1. HornesPointHomestead Post author

      Did they wish Mr. Tumnus, Mr. and Mrs. Beaver, and Aslan came out to play with them too? Your pictures are beautiful!! We’re so looking forward to tapping our sugar maples too, but our season doesn’t start until March up here. Thanks for stopping by!

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