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Maple Syrup 2013

23 more days until the official start of spring! The weather here for the past few days has been beautiful. Clear blue skies, with night time temperatures below 0C and day time temperatures around 7C, perfect for collecting sugar maple sap.

After the husband washed all the buckets, taps and hoses, out we go, traipsing through the snowy fields and into the woods. This year we’re tapping 4 of the larger sugar maples. There are many more, but they’re still too small to tap. The husband knows these woods so well, he knew exactly which trees we were tapping and where they were. It seems so natural to him, but to a city girl, or a new country girl, it just baffles me because everywhere I go in the woods, it all looks the same to me!

Anyways here’s the husband using a brace and bit to drill a hole for the tap or spigot.

tapping sugar maple

Here’s the tap inserted into the sugar maple.

tapping sugar maple

For the larger trees like this one, we can safely put in 3 taps.

tapping sugar maple

Hopefully soon I’ll have pictures for you of the sap we’ve collected, and the boiling process.