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Transformation in the Blink of an Eye

It has been super busy here in the past month and a half, but finally, here’s an update on my little chickie pies. They now range from 8-11 weeks old, and they have transformed from tiny fluff balls, to awkward scraggly looking teenagers, to mini versions of their future adult selves in about 2 months. I look back on these pictures and am just amazed at how tiny they used to be.

Here they are, tiny and fluffy, playing on a piece of sod and a little roost in their brooder (which they outgrew very quickly).

new chicks

Another picture of tiny fluffy chicks playing with sod and a little roost. I have a lot of these pictures. I hadn’t realized how many similar pictures I had taken until I tried to pick some out to share with you on this blog. But to a proud chicken mom, each moment and picture is unique!

new chicks on sod

One of my sweet little speckled Sussex ran out to investigate the camera.

speckled sussex chick

More tiny fluffy chicks warming themselves under theĀ Brinsea EcoGlow 50. We were very happy with it. The chicks were able to have normal wake/sleep cycles without a glaring light over them 24hrs a day. They were very active out and about away from the heat most of the day, and slept soudly at night underneath it. It uses 60 watts and we had it on for 4 weeks before we moved everybody out to the coop.

chicks under brinsea ecoglow 50

Here they are starting to turn into awkward teenagers, digging through the dandelions and playing on another roost the husband made for them. Notice the gorgeous feathering on the speckled Sussex’s wing.

roost in brooder

Here are the awkward teenagers sunning themselves on the roost. Notice the really awkward looking one standing up.

roost in brooder

Awkward teenagers peering at me with their beady eyes. Three in the background taking a dust bath. We had to add another big box to the original brooder box so they don’t drive each other, and me, crazy, hence the square cut-out door.

awkward teenage chicks

And this picture is from last week, mini-adults. They grow up so fast, literally.

chickens in the sun

And here is “my darling” whom I mentioned in the previous post. He was the friendliest chick from the start, was the first to hop onto my hand whenever I reached into the brooder to do anything, and eventhough he’s a much bigger boy now (at least I think it’s a boy), he still wants snuggle time everyday.

Columbian Plymouth Rock